Is it Friday yet?

WooHoo!!! It’s almost the weekend. This weekend is extra special as 1) I get to see the Galaxy play in person this week as they’ll be at Invesco–though the way they’ve been playing on the road the last couple of years, I’m not sure it’s a good thing–and 2) The Championship season starts in England and Ipswich will be playing Cardiff.

Not sure why I find it ironic, but as much as fan groups in this country maintain they should be able to stand like fans in other countries, Ipswich fans are being told to sit down or else… I’m still an advocate of limited terracing. With all the new stadiums being built for MLS teams, it would be great if a small terraced area would built into the designs. It wouldn’t take much…and as fans in England will tell you it improves the atmosphere…and isn’t atmosphere improvements one of the reasons MLS bosses give for the need to build smaller stadiums?

TV viewing this weekend isn’t too bad either. Sunday morning we get the Community Shield from England. Chelsea vs Arsenal in a meaningless match isn’t a bad way to wake up though.

Tonight we get a little USL action on FSC. Portland vs Minnesota doesn’t look like a classic encounter, but you get the buzz from the Timber Army…and Minnesota did knock Colorado out of the Cup on Wednesday. It’s still worth watching while enjoying a beverage.

Tomorrow’s MLS matinee gives us Salt Lake vs Chivas. Two expansion teams that aren’t getting much in the way of results lately. Add in the fact that the game will be played during the day and possibly in heat…might be a good excuse for a nap.

Of course, I’ll be at the Denver vs LA game…not sure it’ll be a great one though. After all, LA haven’t won a road game since Jovan Kirovski launched that 45 yard hit-and-home bomb last season in Chicago. Chicago got hammered on Wednesday in the Cup by Minnesota. Though Jeff Cunningham is probably still on a high after last weekends All-Star game.

FSC does do MLS fans a favor and will be showing the “Dallas coming out party” on tape delay Sunday. It’s great that a deal was worked out to get the Dallas-Metros game on national TV. I can’t wait to see the new stadium and this should be the best broadcast MLS match of the weekend.

Anyway, plenty to watch…guess I should start planning how I’ll sneak out of the office early to open the first beverage.


2 responses to “Is it Friday yet?

  1. Hi Eric,

    I’m a soccer fan from seattle. A friend sent me a mail that appears to be a British description of how to play playground soccer, and your blog link was attached to the bottom. that’s how I got here. Did you find that somehwere? Just curious. David

  2. That’s funny. It would be interesting to see what path that email took. I sent it to 5 friends of mine…I have a link to my blog in my Signature File. Somehow it ended up in your inbox. 6 degrees of seporation and all that. 🙂

    As for the Playground’s actually on numerous sites. Just copy/paste one of the sentences into Google and you’ll find the links.

    ….Or just click here. 😉

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