The long road to the top

I said a couple of weeks ago on here that Herculez Gomez deserves more publicity than he’s getting. Looks like someone took notice. Actually, I thought the piece on SoccerNet was pretty good. It’s great to read what he’s gone through to get to where he is and how hard he’s worked to get there. This is much more compelling than reading about some 16 year old who’s had a $million contract dropped in his lap before he could drive.

Also, what fan of any time wouldn’t want to hear a player on their team say this?

“I’m living the dream right now. I was a Galaxy fan before I played for the Galaxy,” said the East L.A. native.

“I just can’t describe what it’s like coming in every day, knowing that I’ve got this (Home Depot Stadium) to call home. It’s unbelievable.” He shook his head when he compared his current situation to when he was ready to give up on soccer.

Ya gotta love the kid and the story he’s writing. I’m glad people in the MLS PR Dept are finally taking notice.


2 responses to “The long road to the top

  1. thanks PZ. 😉 We’ve been posting interviews with Herc for THREE YEARS! heehee. Ben

  2. You guys don’t count…you get comments from ALL the players. 🙂

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