So, MetroEmpire spoke with Nick Sakiewicz (and Alexi Lalas) and discussed the new stadium.

KRD: The announced stadium capacity circa-twenty thousand is smaller then any previous projections had announced. Why the change? Is this an indicator that AEG might be content with the MetroStars being a Jersey based team and are serious about their commitment to a New York franchise?

NS: It has always been our vision to launch a second team in this area. Our studies of the market size and their attendance habits indicate that a market exists for two teams. Once we have the right situation and the timing is right we will pursue that opportunity.

So, let me get this straight. The Metros have done poorly since ’96 both on and off the pitch. They finally announce they are going to get a stadium of their own (well, AEG’s which you can read several different ways). Now they are talking about a second team in the NY area? Their long-term vision seems a bit short sighted. Yeah, there’s enough people in the New York area to support a second team–especally if that team is in Queens or the Bronx or somewhere on the East side–but that’s a whole different world from Harrison. Heck, AEG will probably end up having the “New Cosmos” play at Harrison as well. Or could that be the new home for the Wizards?


One response to “Huh?

  1. There’s been talk of a second NY area team since at least 2000. If they could get one in the city, it would be great.

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