Some slow-pitch softballs for Vargara

Fox Sports’ Nick Webster did and interview with Chivas owner Jorge Vergara and he delivered some real softballs.

C’mon Nick. Just take a look at some of the comments Vargara made when the expansion team was announced last year for some real fuel.

Instead we get:

NW: How are you going to turn CD Guadalajara fans in the U.S. into Chivas USA fans.

JV: I think they’ll start turning into Chivas USA fans because they will start to see the commitment we have for Chivas USA. They will see the results and they will see that we can compete with anybody in MLS. I think we are in the process of gaining the trust of the fans. I believe in 2 to 3 months you will see the crowds come and support Chivas USA.

We’ll see if the reinforcements do start to bring the crowds to the HDC.


One response to “Some slow-pitch softballs for Vargara

  1. Chivas is bad… very, very bad. They don’t need reinforcements. That implies that they have some force to “re”. They don’t.

    Their expansion draft will be tought in the “How Not To Do It” section for years. RSL is not great, but you look at them and can see them working that team upward. C-USA is just a mess.

    Okay, enough ranting.

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