TV coverage still needs some work

It looks like live English Language coverage of the US-Mexico game in a couple of weeks may not happen. Sounds a lot like political maneuvering…and also that fact that some mid-major college football game still gets better ratings in this country. Grant Wahl wrote a great piece on the problem and unless the game is shown on ESPNEWS, I’ll be watching in Spanish.

So, what’s gonna be on instead of the US-Mexico tilt?

ESPN: Boise State-Georgia college football
ESPN2: USC-Hawaii college football
ESPN Classic: Battle Lines: Billy Conn/Joe Louis I (boxing)
ESPN Deportes: Torneos de las Américas basketball
ESPNU: Delaware State-Florida A&M college football

Originaly, the game was scheduled to be on ESPN Classic, but politics is causing ESPN to no longer show live events on that channel.

Here’s an idea, if Disney Corp doesn’t want the broadcast, why not talk to Fox? Their regional networks will probably be full of football, but FSC will make room and give it decent coverage. Also, who knows? Maybe they’ll be willing to bump something off their broadcast network…well, why not shoot for something big? Either way, I’ll be a huge blow if SUM can’t get this game on live TV in English.


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