I’m going through changes….It took so long

Apologies to Mr. Crawley…

Ok, so it looks like Doug Hamilton and Steve Sampson are about to pull the trigger on some player moves.

Based on the report in the Daily Breeze, Marcelo Saragosa looks like he’ll be returning from Sao Paulo on a more permanent basis this time. At the end of last season, he said he liked playing in LA and wanted to stay…but money couldn’t be agreed to.

Also arriving is Argentine Dario Husain from River Plate–I’m hearing good things about him from River supporters–and Edson Alvarado from Necaxa in Mexico. I actually got to see Alvarado play as a guest player for Colorado against Colorado Springs Blizzard a month or so ago. He played 45 minutes and honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to him but he didn’t stand out much either…and this was against a bunch of college kids. (Doesn’t Galaxy Old Boy, Luis Hernandez play for Necaxa these days?)

All three appear to be midfielders. That sure stacks things up in the middle of the park. Some current players may be expendable at this point though it seems Naldo and Chinchilla could be the two on the way out.

My only question for Misters Hamilton and Sampson is, why aren’t we bringing in a central defender? Tyrone is solid, but he’s been partnered up with a bunch of nothing this season. We need help there.

So, the jury is out. We’ll see how these moves work out. If they don’t, Sampson’s job will be up for grabs this winter.


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