Ajax American buying an MLS team?

According to the Ajax America site, the organization is in talks with MLS/AEG/Hunt to buy one of the teams currently up for sale.

However, it doesn’t look like they’ll move either team.

“Ajax explored Orlando as a location for expansion largely due to the area’s successful soccer history, including the 1994 World Cup,” stated [Ajax America EVP and COO] Rich Bradley. “We still believe that the potential exists to bring a professional team to Orlando, however, at this time we have an opportunity to immediately attain our goal of an association with a Major League Soccer team in another market.”

Whatever happened to Club America and Andrew Murstein?


6 responses to “Ajax American buying an MLS team?

  1. I’m just scratching my head that Ajax thinks they can start a successful franchise in Orlando. Unless they team up with Disney (who of course owns ESPN and ABC) and try to make it America’s team, who’s going to come out to watch them? It’s not going to be high on the priority of tourists to catch a soccer match – even those who are interested in it at home.

    Though it’s awesome news if they keep San Jose in San Jose.

  2. They did have the World Cup in Orlando.

  3. Drawing fans for 3 “big event” matches vs. 16 season games is a huge difference. MLS won’t let another club wither on the vine in Florida.

  4. They will if someone is willing to fork out the money.

    RSL has shown us that if done right, a team can succeed just about anywhere.

  5. playing 90 minutes of footy in that humidity and heat in July and August would be cruel and unusual punishment. summer footy didn’t even make it in coastal florida, inland florida would take a lot of organisation and dosh.

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