Change for change sake

I’m not too sure what to make of this. Buried at the bottom of a Balboa HOF article was this bit.

Balboa also is involved in planning for the Rapids’ soccer-specific stadium, which is scheduled to open in Commerce City for the 2007 season. He said one of his goals is to restore the Rapids’ jerseys to their original green color, instead of their current blue and black.

There seems to be a trend here of teams changing image (colors) with the opening of their new stadium. If I’m being a pessimist (which I usually am) I’m thinking they need to sell more shirts in order to pay for the new facility. Now, I’m not saying the shirts MLS teams wore in ’96 are worth bragging about…or keeping. But in order for the league to establish itself and build some tradition, we’ve got to stop changing some of the few constants we have.


2 responses to “Change for change sake

  1. I can agree with most of that, especially that they need to generate more revenue as they move in. Frankly, I think the Rapids should’ve kept their green, which is relatively unique as a primary colour in the league (LA’s the only other team I can think of that even uses green in a decent amount, and it’s in a secondary role) rather than becoming yet another blue team.

  2. I think the Rapids should go back to the green jerseys. Of all the original kits from the 96 season, I really only dug DCU’s and Colorado. I was kinda upset when Colorado ditched the green.

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