So, back in 1995 Steve Sampson was the interim coach for the national team as they heading south to play in the Copa America. Under his guidance the team did well and even knocked Argentina out of the competition. Ya see, the Argie coach benched a bunch of his starters and the US was in command of the match by the time he started making substitutions. At the time, it was one of the biggest wins in US Soccer history. And, I credit that win to Sampson becoming the permanent coach for the team.

Fast-forward to last night’s Open Cup game in San Jose. According to various reports, Dominic Kinnear rested a lot more starters than Steve Sampson. Sampson wanted the victory last night…and he got it. By the time Kinnear brought on reinforcements, it was too late and LA won.

Wouldn’t it be amusing if that win which brings LA within 180 minutes (90 of which are against a USL team) is what saves Sampson his job?

While I’m on the topic. What a great win for Minnesota last night on the road in Kansas City. I’m guessing Bob Gansler underestimated the Thunder and it cost him.

Now Minnesota have to head to LA for their Semi Final match. I don’t think Sampson will be playing his reserves in that one.

The other Semi will match the Fire and Bur….errr Dallas against each other. Brimstone?

If ya want more info, check out the unofficial Open Cup site ‘cuz I can’t be bothered to run down the scores and find a bunch of other links….yeah, I’m lazy today.


2 responses to “Coincidence?

  1. No offense, but we Thunder fans were pulling for San Jose as we rode our bus back to Minnesota–but only so the Thunder could host the semi. (Of course, one of our guys is a transplanted member of the Riot Squad, so we’ve already started taunting him about the next matchup.)

    And what’s with you MLS fans, always discounting the fact that you’re playing a USL team before the game? Three MLS teams already know the truth. 😉

  2. Um…the Thunder knocked LA out of the Cup last season, I don’t think LA fans will be taking your USL team lightly. 😉

    Minnesota can expect a rough reception in LA in a couple weeks.

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