Football vs Soccer

This should be interesting to follow.

The NY Jets lease at the Meadowlands ends in 2008 and they are looking for a new home. They are hoping to back where they started in Flushing. However, the location they want to use is currently home to several soccer fields.

At a nearby field, the Liga Corona — a soccer league with 18 teams — was in full swing. Team Veracruz was legging it out against A. Liberty, a battle that drew crowds of dozens of onlookers.

Players from the league said that on any given Sunday, hundreds of teams and thousands of players play soccer on the seven fields around the fountain.

Shevon Joseph, 22, a banker from Crown Heights, said that if the Jets make their home at the fountain, those soccer players would be evicted.

“If the Jets come here, they’re breaking down our joy.”

So, the political machine that’s needed to make things happen quickly jumped into action.

(Assemblyman Jose) Peralta, who supports the idea, was confident that not only would the soccer players have a home, but that new and improved facilities would be better than what is there now, including the possibility of hosting major league soccer games at the stadium. “That would be another home run for Queens.”

Do you buy that? Actually, it’s kinda fun seeing MLS used as a pawn. Any publicity is good publicity. But seriously, is MLS jumping at the chance of another team playing second fiddle in an NFL stadium?


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