Just did it

May be it’s me, but I love the new Nike ad currently on heavy rotation on FSC and ESPN (well, during soccer broadcasts)

I’ve been a long-time critic of the way Nike does things (dating back to my days managing a retail store pushing their gear) but I’ve got to admit, whoever created the ad, did their research and struck a cord with soccer fans in this country. I’m slightly less bothered when I wear my Galaxy jersey now…well, not bothered by the swoosh….the team on the other hand….

Oh, and while I’m on this. How long will it take until the traditional media wakes up and discovers how many soccer fans are not listening to their who might otherwise to hear what they have to say about other sports. I know I’m a big Football (both NCAA and NFL) and NHL fan…but whenever I hear of those ‘sports experts’ spout their opinion on soccer, I change to an FM station.

I have a dream that one day sports talk radio will cover the sport of soccer with the same respect that they give to football, baseball, basketball, hockey and left-turn racing.


One response to “Just did it

  1. Sports radio “experts” just add to the noise that need to be tuned out. Better to focus on us online blogging “experts.” 🙂

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