It’s all about the North American Derby

In the pregame press conference yesterday, the media picked up on one comment in particular.:

“I’m happy first of all it is live on an English-speaking channel,” Arena said during a telephone conference call. “I’ll be honest with you, it’s the job of supporters of soccer in this country to be better supporters of the game, not only U.S. games on television but MLS games, and be better consumers.

“When we demonstrate ratings, I think we will have an argument for prime time. I can see both sides of it. I understand where television is coming from. I understand where supporters are coming from. But the bottom line is television companies don’t put these games on as nonprofit exercises. And I think it’s time that the American public that supports the sport of soccer steps forward and supports our game by watching on television, getting ratings, by attending games in the stands, and by buying soccer products – being good consumers as we see in other sports, whether it’s college football, the NBA, what have you. It’s time for us to put up or shut up.'”

And of course, he’s right. I commented the other day the US fans were upset about tickets being sold on eBay. I wonder if Mr. Arena was in some way alluding to that as well. If he wasn’t, it fits. But it’s still a good thing the game is on one of the Disney Channels. The fact that it’s one day one of the College Ball season shows how tough it must have been to make it happen and how far the game has come in this country. So, don’t blow it, make sure you (and all your friends, family and pets) are watching.

The big news (or rumor) from the US camp camp is that Landon seems to have taken a knock in training today.

Spanish language radio in LA have been reporting this. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past Mr. Arena to be playing the “gamesmanship” card.

Finally, Chivas are expecting their largest crowd of the season (ever) for a home game not involving the Galaxy. Is it:

  1. The fact they’ll be playing the US – Mexico game on the bigscreen and various other TV around the stadium before the game, or…
  2. The new players from Mexico playing their first game in LA…

…that’s bringing in the crowd? And if it’s #2, will the be like the Luis Hernandez fans who showed up once and never returned?


One response to “It’s all about the North American Derby

  1. You know, I can never figure out exactly how much gamesmanship Bruce actually engages in. I wonder how much is just hype that comes with WCQ level tilts

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