A marathon tie

In the English FA Cup, if the first match finishes level, the match is replayed at the other teams home. If that is tied, it then moves to penalties. What if penalties doesn’t resolve things easily?

An FA Cup preliminary round replay between non-league Tunbridge Wells and Littlehampton Town took 40 penalties to decide. Tunbridge eventually won 16-15 on penalties. This was after the first match in Littlehampton finished 11 last Saturday and they drew 2-2 in the replay before moving to penalties.

But it’s not the record…it’s only the 3rd highest penalty shootout in footie history.

For many clubs in England, a run in the FA Cup can make or break their season financially. The Tunbridge Wells chairman had a great quote…

“It was nail-biting stuff and we have been told it is an FA Cup and European record. We charged £5 on the gate and our fans certainly got their money’s worth. Perhaps we should have charged them again on the way out.”

I guess Doug Hamilton isn’t the only boss looking to make money where ever possible.


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