pssst….didja hear….

…there were MLS matches over the 3-day weekend. Yeah, I got caught up in the World Cup matches as well and pretty much forgot about them.

Anyway, for the record, DC and KC tied 2-2. Dallas still can’t win at home dropping a 2-0 decision to SJ. Colorado beat DC 1-0 at Invesco. RSL lost at home again…this time to NE. The Chivas revival took the weekend off at the HDC as they got smacked by Columbus and LA lost another one at home on Sunday to Chicago thanks to a last minute winner from Mapp.

Of course, the fact that most of the games overlapped the KO time in Columbus didn’t help matters. How could FSC not convince Colorado and DC to move their match back an hour so that fans watching the match on Disney Sports History Channel could switch over?

Is it me, or are some people just missing the big picture? Maybe it’s me and tons of people showed up at these matches…anyone know how empty the stadiums were on Saturday?

Oh well, it’s not like the regular season games mean much…all it does is weed out the really bad teams from the playoffs.


2 responses to “pssst….didja hear….

  1. Actually there were some really well attended games on Saturday. I think, if anything, Salt Lake City’s result is a little worrying since they drew 17,876. That’s worrying because it seems like they’re Salt Lake fans as opposed to really die-hard soccer fans perhaps. Colorado similarly drew 17,044. 15,770 for Chivas USA in the home debut of the new players. The only place attendance was down was Dallas where, I think, fans just are deciding not to bother with the FC slump, new stadium or not.

  2. I also like how they show that 27k at Victoria Street for the Galaxy game. If that is the case, then the ground must hold 45k. I was able to move down from the cheap seats in the sun to the shady side at half-time with no problem

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