You’ve got to love a good rivalry

Ah, the quotes after Saturday’s US-Mexico game are still worth discussing. Ives Galarcep does a great job of recapping the post-match quotes on

I focused on Levolpe’s quotes the other day. I still maintain my comments. However, Galarcep paraphrases some other comments from the Mexican delegation.

…The Americans didn’t want to play soccer, they contend, the gringos were content to defend and ‘got lucky’ with their two goals. When will Mexicans figure out that just because the Americans don’t want to play the game the way the Mexicans do doesn’t make the U.S. team inferior. Should the Americans apologize for fielding a team of superior athletes and for playing to their strengths, rather than knocking the ball around and playing the possession game preferred by Mexico?

I’m actually at a loss here. Do they honestly believe they even came to play? I’m having a tough time remembering when the last time they beat the US outside of the Azteca. I wish Galarcep had published some direct quotes here so I could pick them apart better.

He also discusses some comments from Donovan.

“I just hate all the talking, all the blah blah they always talk,” Donovan told Mexican reporters. “(Mexicans) think they’re the best, even though we’ve beaten them over and over. Hopefully this shuts them up.”

Fortunately, it won’t shut anyone up. And that’s what a good rivalry is about anyway…bragging rights. Hopefully, the US media will catch up by the next go around in 4 years. Until then, we still get to claim bragging rights for now. Hah! 🙂

I wonder what will happen if the US ever wins in the Azteca? Now that would be fun.


One response to “You’ve got to love a good rivalry

  1. From my perch in the north end of Crew Stadium, it seemed to me that Mexico didn’t come to play, they came to dive all over the pitch. It was embarassing.

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