Now this is dumb

Thanks to Daz over on Argie-Bargie for catching this injustice.

It seems the AFC is every bit as clueless as the other Confederations. Apparently, the Japanese ref for the match between Bahrain and Uzbekistan goofed and after disallowing an Uzbek penalty, awarded a free kick to Bahrain rather than having the penalty retaken. OK, well Uzbekistan one the match 1-0 and the match has been voided.

So, I need someone to explain this to me. Uzbekistan won the leg. However, because they didn’t get the chance to retake a penalty, the match no longer exists and they have to play the away leg again. Something isn’t right here.

Of course, this has importance to those of us in this part of the world. The winner between the two Asian sides will play the 4th place finisher in the CONCACAF region.


One response to “Now this is dumb

  1. The reason the result was cancelled was because Uzbekistan appealed to FIFA about the penalty, they wanted to be credited with a three nil victory because of the referees mistake. It was their own stupid fault, they’re just bad losers.

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