LA will win some silverware this season

Yep, you’ve heard it here first. LA will win the Open Cup. Why? Cuz Steve Sampson has to, that’s why. He’s not going to take Minnesota lightly tomorrow. Even with their ringer from RSL, the Thunder will have a though time at the HDC. LA will get the Final at home–the only place they can win–and Sampson will have a great argument to keep his job next season. Not that winning cups helped Sigi Schmid, but I’ve a feeling it’ll be enough.

Of course, LA will be playing Chicago in the final (ah, memories of those Semi-finals from a few years ago in Fullerton…great matches) and LA will prevail. Why Chicago? Well, Chicago play Dallas at PHP tomorrow. Dallas don’t stand a chance. Besides, I heard a rumor that Ruiz will be hoping a new Hooters instead of showing up to the match.

Anyway, you heard it here first and I accept no responsibility for any lost money anyone places on the games based on my predictions here.


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