Sampson dumps more deadweight

I’m surprised but not that shocked that Jovan Kirovski was traded to Colorado. I was honestly excited about his arrival prior to last season but he’s been a pretty big disappointment for LA fans. The guy has all the talent in the world…he just hasn’t seemed to ‘click’ in LA. He could become the next former Galaxy player to hit his stride after leaving So Cal.

This has to mean that Herc Gomez is now going to be on a better contract. You have to love this story…the guy is on fire and he’s earned his spot in the starting line up.

Also interesting is the return of Marcelo Saragosa. I don’t there’s a single Galaxy fan who doesn’t see his readmission to the squad as a positive. Though, what does this do to Vagenas? Could he be expendable now? Interesting shake-ups in LA. But, as long as Sampson produces results, I don’t care who’s wearing the jersey with the sash. We’ll see how all this pans out.


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