Chivas will continue to be a mess

So, your team is crap. They haven’t performed well at all this season. You bring in reinforcements didn’t to anything. So, what do you do? Have the coach tell the league’s website that there’s more uncertantiy for the team.

Seriously, reading that, it sounds like Chivas think of their team in LA as an after thought. Again, no respect for the team in LA. Jorge Varga wants to expand his Chivas brand…but is it really wise to continue to try and do that with such a poor product? Ok, so the team in Mexico is their focus (not that they’ve been doing well of late) and the team in Costa Rica is playing in the World Club Championships…but the team in Cali is crap…any way you look at it, they’ve done a poor job this season.

With three games left in the season, they are looking at finishing with one of the worst records in league history. On top of that, they’ve been swept by their roommates 5-0. It’s no wonder that the fans they counted on flocking to the HDC to see them have stayed away. Ok, so they’ve been showing up at road games…but on their current form, how long is that going to last as well.

Unless Omnilife FC focus on imporoving their team in LA, they are going to continue to stink up the place. But with the structure of the league, everyone else will help cover those losses so I guess it’s not that big a deal. How ’bout doing a rebrand Mr. Vargara? Rename the team “LA Latino”….wear the tri-colors and get a few decent players on your roster. Oh yeah, and lock down a coach who will be around for more than a few months. You can have Steve Sampson if you want. But it’s not my money…at least for the time being, it’ll mean 4 league wins and a bye to the Semi’s of the Open Cup.


2 responses to “Chivas will continue to be a mess

  1. They should get Zambrano.

  2. They’re one step ahead of you on the tricolores … check out the Chivas website.

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