MLS bringing NFL to San Antonio

Long before the city of New Orleans flooded, the city of San Antonio was making another effort to fill their empty stadium with an NFL team. Of course, thanks to Katrina, the Saints will be making their home near the Alamo for a few games. But according to the local media–the same media that bitched about MLS playing at the AlamoDome–are giving MLS some credit for things happening. Ya see, they’ve got to get the stadium cleaned up quickly so the Saints will have a nice place to play.

By the time the last stroke of paint is applied, the final leak in the roof is patched, the ultimate silky banner is strung from the rafters and the definitive luxury suite is opened sometime next year, roughly $11 million will have been invested in improvements to the dome over a relatively short stretch.

Of that, nearly $3 million will come from certificate of obligation bonds issued in May during the failed flirtation with landing a Major League Soccer franchise.

So, the question is, if Garber hadn’t been visiting San Antonio earlier this year, would the Alamo City be as able to host the Saints? Probably, but it’s worth taking the credit.

Now, if only more cities would be more interested in having an MLS franchise in their backyard…


One response to “MLS bringing NFL to San Antonio

  1. After how most NFL teams treat their MLS tenants, I think the MLS executives should have feigned interest in coming to San Antonio still and pissed on the field!

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