Back to the grind

So I take a three-day weekend to get things done. Of course, all my teams had poor performances (Fresno State lost, Galaxy had a come from ahead tie…way to go Sampson…Ipswich lost and of course the Chargers lost to a Broncos team that did everything they could to gift the game to them…what a crap weekend) and that made for a long weekend. But then, I come back and find that Grant Wahl seems to think my blog ain’t too bad!! Wow!

Of course, he questions my spelling–he’s not the first and won’t be the last.

Anyway, it’s kinda neat as I started this just for the heck of it and find it amazing that anyone would be bothered enough to read what I write. Now someone who gets paid to write actually thinks what I have to offer isn’t awful enough to leave on the bench.

Anyway, the weekend brought the usual mixed back of results.

I believe Columbus are now out of any playoff chance with their lost at home to Chicago on Saturday.

DC insured LA have a playoff spot by beating Colorado. Isn’t it funny that the West has already decided their playoff teams–well, Colorado still need 1 more point or an RSL dropped point–yet the East still has 4 teams capable of of taking the Conference Title?

What happened at the Meadowlands? 9 goals in a game….and New England lost!! (Yeah, I was more shocked about the Pats losing but the Revs shouldn’t have either) So now, the Metros are still in a dog fight for a playoff spot and the Revs, well they are still in the drivers seat. But are we used to them losing this late in the season? It’s been a while. Have the Metros ever scored 5 in a game before? Have the Revs ever scored 4 on the road before….and lost. Soccer is such a cruel game.

Can someone explain to me how Steve Sampson is an improvement on Sigi Schmid? Perhaps Doug Hamlton can shed some light. (Mr. Hamilton, please pick up a white courtesy phone) I’ve now lost count of the number of times this season Sampson has been outcoached. Even better, a team he is leading lost a 2-0 HT lead to a team with the most defensive minded coach in the league!

San Jose get a scare from Chivas…but normal order is restored at the end. Good to see Brad Guzan back in the net. The score would have been much worse without him.

Dallas won at PHP in the league!!! Nope, you read taht right. Of course, they were only playing RSL. Let’s hope the expansion teams next season do a little better. They won’t be the newest teams for long…looks like we’ll be seeing a couple more expansion teams in the not too distant future…between Chivas and RSL this season, it doesn’t make the thought of seeing a couple more teams started from scratch sound to interesting.


3 responses to “Back to the grind

  1. I know Gansler’s history would speak to the contrary, but I don’t know if I’d call him a defensive minded coach, so much as I’d call him a tactically disciplined coach who knows how to get the best out of the players he has. With Arnaud, Sealy, and Wolff, and Klein, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that KC are near the top of the league in goals scored. A very underrated coach.

    As for Sampson, I understood what had gone wrong in that game just by looking at his subsitutions list. Terrible, terrible subs. You’re right, he was completely outcoached.

  2. I believe Columbus are now out of any playoff chance with their lost at home to Chicago on Saturday.

    With that kind of hard-hitting analysis, no wonder you made the Best XI.


  3. i had never heard of grant wahl before. what a narky git, using your blog to get publicity!

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