Nothing to be down about

After the first leg against Catolica, DC fans probably didn’t give their team much hope in the away leg. However, after DC went up 2-0 I know I was hoping for a DC win. Things were looking pretty good at that point. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. But the fact is, DC played a solid match in hostile surroundings.

Last night’s match was certainly better than the last time they played international competition outside of the US. That 5-0 spanking at the hands of UNAM was awful. But last night, Catolica had to score a last minute winner to insure their passage to the quarters. Ah…so close but not close enough.

Thing is, it was a good match to watch…even if the ref was handing out cards like a blackjack dealer. DC fans must have been on a wild emotional roller-coaster…almost to the extent of the one Galaxy fans were on a couple years ago against San Jose in the playoffs.

Just to take this off onto a tangent. Last night we got to see the drama that the sport of soccer offers without all the artificial excitement American sports feel the need to create. It was a simple home/home series and it produced some great drama and entertainment. Let’s just say it’s proof that the sport is great and doesn’t need to be tinkered with.


7 responses to “Nothing to be down about

  1. I’m down about it.

  2. DC did not play a solid match. They missed innumerable chances to put away Catolica and they failed.

    They had defensive lapses that led to Catolica’s goals. Freddy comes back on defense and commits a dumb foul that sets up the free kick that tied it.

    Prideaux was ball watching on a cross and lost track of the man he was marking in the box and the guy scores on an easy header.

    Yes, we had good moments, but we have to play solid for the full 90 minutes. No let downs.

    That was a painful painful loss. Hopefully DC can get angry and go back and rip through the playoffs to another MLS Cup.

  3. Everything is relative. Compare last nights match to the match DC played in Mexico City aganst UNAM a few months ago.

  4. I think DC went into defensive mood a little too early, but still a good outing. If only we had got that PK.

    Oh well, life moves along.

  5. i didn’t watch the match but I read the link you had and it seemed as though DC were defensive the whole second half and Catolica could have had 4-5 except for some good save from the keeper even though he was at fault for one of the goals.

    But another item that I observed as a Liverpool supporter is that Liverpool were not able to sign a Chileno player with La Liga experience because Chile are not ranked in the top 70. Any US National player can play in England due to the US ranking. Although, the ranking are screwed up, the are not off by 60 places. The best MLS team should not be satisfied with “good effort” against one of the “lesser” South American country clubs, if the MLS wants respect on an international scale.

    Have a great weekend everyone, I am getting ready for coaching my kid’s games this weekend.

  6. Agreed, MLS teams should be doing better in international competition. However, they have still yet to win a match on the road. Baby steps. It’s going to happen eventually.

  7. of course, but i think there should be a level of dissappointment with this one. If it were against one of the bigger Argie or Brasilian teams, fair enough.

    And the Tigers of Temple City AYSO Boys U-8 won, 3-1 and the Blue Jets of the Girls U-10 won 4-1, to stay top of the league.

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