There’s a right way to do things…

…and there’s a wrong way to do things. I’m putting this is the latter. It seems that Man U’s desire to protect their copywrite has lead them to threaten their own fans with litigation.

Now, I can understand the club wanting to control the clubs image and when and wear their badge is used…but MUFCUSA’s sole purpose is the promote the club. Why upset fans who may already be concerned with the direction things are going? Heck, this has PR mess written all over it.

Wouldn’t it have been better for the club to reach out to the group and work with them on a better solution? Certainly, having legal representation send a cease and desist letter can’t be the best option here.

I’ve been on the side of Glazer’s take over (from a neutral perspective) all along, but bad business decision like this might get me to change my mind. This is something I’d expect from AEG.


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