Another ground breaking

The stadium projects in Chicago, Dallas and New Jersey have been getting a lot of attention. However, the Rapids stadium project seems to be running in stealth mode. The good news is, they are breaking ground tomorrow.

Based on the report, they’ve now increased capacity to 26,000. They’ll share the facility with the local lacrosse team as well as allow youth teams to use their practice facilities.

What I still find amazing after living in Colorado for almost a year is that the team runs under the radar a lot on the local sports scene. I found it difficult finding news coverage of the Galaxy in LA…but they seemed to get a ton compared to what the Rapids get–though to be honest, I had no clue there was a lacrosse team here…so I guess it could be worse.

No mention in the report of Don Garber being there either. I guess that’s another reason for the media to avoid this story. Still, in ’07 there’s going to be another sweet location for MLS fans to watch games.


6 responses to “Another ground breaking

  1. But… the Mammoth are an indoor (winter) lacrosse team, part of the NLL. The MLL is the outdoor (summer) league, which held its all-star game at Mile High in 2005, despite all six teams being located near the east coast. There is expansion for 2006, according to the MLL site, which includes Denver. There’s no team name specified, but the contacts listed have e-mail addresses at

    Good to hear they’re (finally) breaking ground.

  2. thanks for the LAX lesson. I catch some games on ESPN when the NCAA playoffs are on…but that’s about all I know. LA is also getting an MLL team next season playing at the HDC if I remember correctly.

  3. Yup, appears that the full expansion list is Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

    Oh, yeah, and a darned shame about those binners today. 😉

  4. Refresh my memory…what place are the budgies in right now?

  5. Ah, ’tis true, though the binners are barely above. Been a bit rough for both sides so far this season, eh?

    I did notice a lack of review of the derby, too. *chuckle*

  6. Sad that the Rapids are a media afterthough in Denver. I can’t think, however, of another MLS club that’s had as little personality as the Rapids over its history. Is Adrian Paz still on the team? When Mastro is your big star, you need more to work with. Great news about groundbreaking, though.

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