Grahame Jones does it again

I’ve commented on Grahame Jones numerous times here. It’s painfully obvious that he doesn’t to any research beyond reading wire reports and press releases. Today is themost classic example yet.

Elsewhere in the soccer world, fans would be berating an underachieving team. They would be all over a highly paid star who fades in and out of games and plays only when he feels like it. They would rip into a coach whose constant tinkering with lineups and formations suggests that he has no clear vision or plan.

In short, they would be angry and demanding change. But there is far too little anger at the Home Depot Center.

None at all, in fact.

Galaxy fans are a forgiving bunch. Timid is another way to put it. Their team wins one week and loses the next. The pattern is repeated all season long, with a few ties thrown in for good measure. The fans shrug and wander off into the night. Passion is sadly lacking in Carson.

They don’t expect much and, as a result, they have not received much. A .500 team is what they have and it’s about all they deserve.

Obviously, Mr. Jones hasn’t read my blog…or any online message board. I’m guessing he’s not been to games and seen how many fans are showing up as empty seats.

But that is the problem. Besides a few wierdos like me, most people attending Galaxy games just don’t care. They are in it for a night out with the family. Most probably don’t even know what position the team is in, how they are doing or when the playoffs are. Honestly, I don’t count them as fans, they are simply people who help pay the Galaxy’s bills.

Of course, that will be very evident tonight when LA host the Open Cup Final in front of a less than half-full HDC. That’s the problem with so much focus on the team selling group tickets…the real fans who should be up in arms (according to Grahame Jones) have just given up going to games. Perhaps this is a good thing for the team, no pressure to provide a team that does well.

Anyway, tune into GolTV tonight and catch the final. It should be a good game.

Oh, and for some pre-match coverage, make sure you check out the Daily Breeze piece on Herculez. Why MLS hasn’t decided he should be a poster child yet is beyond me. His rags-to-riches story this summer has been the highlight of the season for Galaxy fans.


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