I can’t believe I missed this yesterday

I’m a history buff. I love to find out how we got to where we are today. I read a lot on US and World History…but I’ve also read a lot on the history of soccer in the US. There’s really not a lot of information out there, but if you have any interest, take a look the American Soccer History Archives. There are some great essays on there worth checking out. There are also a couple of books by Colin Jose worth reading.

The reason I mention this is Frank Dell-Apa did a great piece in the Boston Globe yesterday and it’s well worth checking out. Soccer has been played in this country as long as–or longer than–the other “major” sports here and the Open Cup is the link to the past. MLS has done a lot to distance itself from the failures of the professional game in this country prior to ’96. But there were a lot of successes which shouldn’t be ignored. Ok, time for me to plan a trip to Oneonta.


2 responses to “I can’t believe I missed this yesterday

  1. Thanks for the American Soccer History link. I too have had my problems learning more about the history of the game on American soil.

  2. Yeah, thanks for the heads up on that site.

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