If you think MLS has poor attendance…

how would you describe this?

Only 19 fans showed for Sunday’s first-division game between Santos and host Carmelita in Alajuela, about 12 miles from the capital, the newspaper Extra reported Tuesday.

Extra said 15 of the fans in the 2,200-seat stadium had come to root for Santos, which won 2-1. The gate receipts of $78 weren’t even enough to pay security guards for the game.

I guess things could be a lot worse at the gate. Of course, MLS could count everyone on the field as well as ‘attending” the match so that would boost the numbers by at least 22…but still even Open Cup here matches do better.

“We will have to go door to door, to the schools and colleges to invite fans because we need the support of the people,” (team president Carlos) Gonzalez said.

Perhaps we can send them Doug Hamilton (and Steve Sampson…he’s familiar with that country) to help boost things.


3 responses to “If you think MLS has poor attendance…

  1. why are security guards needed for 15 supporters any way?

  2. Must be a Union thing. πŸ™‚

  3. Daz. This is Costa Rica we’re talking about. 14 of them were drunk and probably wanting to rush the field. And the other guy had really bad intent on his mind. πŸ™‚

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