Some stuff of interest….while waiting for the Cup Final to Kick off

Soccer America’s Ridge Mahoney is reporting…

“‘The league is discussing a so-called ‘Beckham Rule’ by which teams will be able to lure glamorous stars under the proviso that the team, not MLS, pays the freight.’

‘AEG president Tim Leiweke has already declared Beckham to be his target, assuming Becks will guarantee sellouts at Home Depot Center, as was the case in July when Real Madrid filled the place.'”

Sorry, I don’t have a link to this. Personally, it’s like MLS is looking more like the NASL every day. However, how effective will a ‘big name’ star be playing along side a bunch of ‘also-rans’? The injury potential here seems pretty high as well.

Also from SoccerAmerica…

The tradition and prestige of the country’s oldest soccer competition doesn’t register with AEG president Tim Leiweke, unless general manager Doug Hamilton can somehow put 20,000 into Home Depot Center. And this Open Cup final on Wednesday will give observers an interesting opportunity to compare crowds: the announced figure of 22,552 for the Wizards game Sunday night seemed to double those actually in attendance.

MLS allows teams to include all tickets distributed in its crowd figures. That includes tickets sold as part of sponsorships as well as complimentary tickets. Since the league keeps mum on all revenue figures, how well a team is doing financially isn’t necessarily revealed by attendance figures.

The Galaxy won the 2001 Open Cup title as host, drawing 4,195 fans at Cal State Fullerton and beating New England, 2-1, with an overtime goal by Danny Califf.

When Home Depot Center opened in 2003, the Galaxy set league records for local sponsorships sold, although another source says those records were broken when CD Chivas USA set up shop this season.

A league source says despite the large blocks of empty seats at some Galaxy games, the team is doing very well with paid tickets.”

You can tell by where the empty seats are,” says the source. “Those seats at midfield have been sold, people just aren’t showing up. Doug is doing a good job.”

And that is why Hamilton will probably keep his job even if Sampson loses his.

Of course, there’s not much there we didn’t know.

“El Gusano” (“The Worm”…what a nickname!) Brad Guzan is out for the rest of the season. What a season he had. He’s probably the best player to get no respect this year. Hopefully, things will go better for him next season.

I had more…but it’s getting close to game time so that’ll do it for now.


4 responses to “Some stuff of interest….while waiting for the Cup Final to Kick off

  1. EVERY SEAT COUNTS… just ask Bruce Arena

    whether you like it or not, MLS needs casual fans more than it needs ‘weirdos’ like you (and me). In the competitive world of pro sports and entertainment in the States, soccer needs the casual fans that will attend 1 maybe 3 games a year. Even most diehards aren’t going to every game, and thus there has to be people to fill seats – to fuel the team and fuel the league and fuel the sport. Soccer is adolescent in the world of Pro American Sports… you must nurture it, even though you know it will make mistakes. You must love it anyhow. And respect every one who goes to games. Just because they don’t live and die with the team, doesn’t mean they are not fans… if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have a team to route for (or bitch about on your blog). remember that.

  2. Actually, I don’t disagree with you. I’ll agree that selling tickets to casual fans is important. But let’s look at the NFL. Do you think a city would help teams build those 70k seat stadiums if the teams only drew casual fans? MLB as well. It’s more important to have fans which pay money up front. Corporate sponsors and the various levels of season ticket holders should be the primary focus. Casual fans who attend 1-3 games/season are–or should be–simply filler.

    So, while I do bitch–I prefer the term “constructively criticize”— I do so because I want to see the sport and the league successful in this country. I was frustrated the first few years the league existed as the mentality that we should just be happy we have any league to root for. But just cuz it’s there, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done better.. I am grateful I have a team and a league to follow and continue to spend $100’s every season in one way or another to support the sport in this country. However, as a customer, I will continue to reserve the right to be able to voice my opinion when I feel that the product and service I’m receiving isn’t what it can be.

  3. I’d take Guzano as a backup to Hartman

  4. I haven’t see Sanders play…but have Guzan on the bench would be much the same as when we had Reis and Hartman fighting for the starting spot.

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