Just a quick observation

Ok, so I’m happy I’ll get to see LA take on Dallas tomorrow night. 3 times in 2 weeks is a bit much, but they don’t really think the schedule-maker really plans for Cup competition.

However, even though I get to see LA…I’d kinda like to see the Revs taking on the Smurfs. C’mon, this is a legit #1 vs #2 match-up. The winner gets the inside track on the Supporters Shield and because I didn’t kick-down for the PPV package it’s not available on my box at home.

What’s really interesting–at least in my opinion–is that this should be the marquee match this weekend–TV or not–and there isn’t even much buzz around this game on the MLS site and–yeah, I’m still a dreamer–in the media. Maybe it’s me, but I’d think that the brain-trust at MLS HQ would be pumping the heck out of this game. But then again, both teams are already in the playoffs and San Jose have already wrapped up home-field (the Revs might tomorrow)

However, both teams are within 2 points of each other with 3 matches left. If the league really pimped the Supporters Shield, this match would be huge. Maybe those “wierdo fans” are on to something here.


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  1. Hi I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I really enjoyed

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