A Herculean performance (yeah, I’m in a punny mood)

So I’m watching highlights of my Chargers beating the snot out of the Pats yesterday and I noticed those annoying soccer lines on the field…

Ok, that was an inside joke for those who post on BigSoccer. Actually, I just wanted to brag about the performance they had yesterday.

Speaking of great performances, how ‘bout that Herculez Gomez? Now I know a lot of MLS observers think he’s come out of no where this season. However, many long-time Galaxy fans will tell you that they thought he deserved a better shot than he got a few years ago. But if he’s isn’t the best possible advertisement for why the Reserve/Developmental squads are needed, I don’t know what is.

…and how ‘bout those two finishes he had on Saturday? How many times do we see an MLS striker go one-on-one with the keeper and either hit it straight at the keeper or push the ball off target? For him to score not one, but two goals like that on Saturday shows just how polished he is in front of goal. Oh, and how about the tussles he had with Greg Vanney? What a great match-up. That’s what the sport is about. It’ll be interesting if (when) the two teams meet again in the playoffs. Facing each other 3 times in less than 2 weeks is a breading ground for hostility and physical play…and we saw a lot of that Saturday.

Is it me or does the line-up Sampson is putting out now look more like the line-ups Sigi was naming when he was fired and very different from Sampson’s team we saw at the start of this season? Boy are Pando, and Naldo–and all the other foreign ‘do’s” be brought in—looking like total busts this season. Looks like now that Sampson’s job is probably safe, he and Hamilton need to go back to the drawing board working on a new plan for filling their International slots.

You can tell Galaxy fans are a bit spoiled for success. To be still in with a shout of second seed in the West and already have a shiny new trophy in the restaurant at the HDC and still have fans unhappy with the team just shows that in the stands, Hamilton has what he wants. Now if only he had the ability to hire a decent coach.

There were some other MLS games this weekend as well…but I haven’t watching MLS Wrap yet so I can’t really speak to them too much at this point. However,

Chivas won on the road? True, it was only C’bus…but still, 3 points is 3 points and it now looks like they’ll avoid having the worst record in league history…barely.

DC are finding their stride just in time for the playoffs and the Metros are collapsing just like they do every season.

I guess it was a double whammy for fans in Foxboro this weekend. The Smurfs are looking like a team ready to reclaim the title.

Will KC still make the playoffs? Guess they should be glad the Metros always stink at the end of the season—the beginning as well…but that’s history at this point of the season.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I took a nap while watching the Colorado-RSL game on Saturday. Nice to see fans travel over the Rockies to see their expansion team play their nearest rival. But I’m not sure I’d have committed that kind of time/money to see that performance. Hope they had plenty of beer.

Well, that’s enough of my “glass is half-empty” stuff for today.


4 responses to “A Herculean performance (yeah, I’m in a punny mood)

  1. Inside joke? At least 90% of the people who read this are FROM bigsoccer.

  2. I learned a long time ago that it’s a good idea to never assume anything….though I still do it all the time. 🙂

  3. What’s bigsoccer?

  4. i’m not a “bigsoccer” member either. looks like that 90% is sliding down

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