Wow, I go out of town a few days and fun things happen

So, young Freddy is a bit upset about his playing time...or rather, lack of.

Oh dear. If he wasn’t the leagues darling, no one would care. MLS created the situation themselves. They hyped the heck out of this kid even though he wasn’t ready to start at this level. But they still managed to sell tickets with his name.

So now he’s getting frustrated at his lack of playing time…yawn. Sorry if I’m being negative here, but really he wanted to play in DC, he got everything he wanted but Nowak still calls the shots…and it’s not like Nowak doesn’t have a better track record as coach than say…umm…Sampson. 😉

So Freddy, you are a great player for a 16 year old, but it’s time you shut up and got on with things. Prove to Nowak you should be in the starting line-up with your play…not with your mouth. That AP reporter you complained to isn’t going to get you more playing time. Heck, it’ll probably help you find more time on the bench.

Then again, is Freddy trying to force a trade to the Metros?


2 responses to “Wow, I go out of town a few days and fun things happen

  1. a 16 year old with money in his pocket in NYC, what could go wrong?

  2. Hey, I still need to email me your picks for the BASAs. The deadline is before the playoff game starts tonight. Thanks.

    And about Freddy, I think it’s good to see that he’s not afraid to speak his mind and strive to succeed, even if it is a distraction.

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