Herculez, Herculez, HERCULEZ!

All of my lobbying has paid off, the Galaxy have announced that young Herc is the Galaxy’s MVP as voted for by the media. Ok, my lobbying probably didn’t really play into things but for once, they got it right.

Oh yeah, and Landon got the Golden Boot (shouldn’t Sampson get that…booted that is) and Tyrone got Defender of the year. Also, Kev got Humanitarian award cuz he wrote a kids book with his wife.

It’s good to have others agree with me for once. 🙂


One response to “Herculez, Herculez, HERCULEZ!

  1. Every time I see Herculez succeed I’m excited for the guy.

    I used to heckle the crap out of the guy when he played for the San Diego Gauchos last year and they would come up to Salt Lake and play the Utah Blitzz. This is all in the now defunct USL D3 league. Well, the league’s not dead, but the western conference is.

    I may not be a Galaxy fan, but I’m a huge fan of Herculez!

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