Herc does it again

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After a great game…Herc Gomez adds to his trophy case with the LARS (LA Riot Squad) Player of the Year award. Yeah, I blogged last week that he’d been named the media’s Player of the Year award…but you can tell from his reaction that this award meant much more. You can see more pix of Herc getting the trophy from my buddies back in LA on the LARS Boards.


2 responses to “Herc does it again

  1. Sweet Trophy. And a good guy to give it too. In the future, all team MVPs will be named Gomez. This will be a good thing.

  2. I like the “life-like arms” the trophy has!

    Herc was a deserving MVP- He picked up the slack when Landon did his usual “confused midfielder/forward, someone play me the ball or put me where I should be, lost for three games at a time” act….he’s the best player when he’s on but its possible to neutralize him when the team doesn’t fight to get him the ball. Back to Herc: someone tell him to dive less and stay on his feet MORE! Brian Ching used to go to the ground too easily- but stays up more now as does Moreno… playing with his back to the goal is still something Herc needs to develop…or NOT develop if you are the enemy…like me! Yeah, just stay fast and lethal on the run…forget about the other parts of the game…please!

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