An early prediction

MLS teams will once again fail in the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Why, well aside from the fact that no MLS club has managed a road win outside the US in a meaningful match, the Champs Cup will start in February. Who’s the blame? No one really, it’s the situation that has to be deal with. I hope I’m wrong with my prediction but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for something different.

What would be nice though is to know which two MLS team will be involved. Yeah, one will me the MLS Champion, but will they go with the MLS Cup loser this year, or the Open Cup winner? How ’bout the Supporters Shield winner? If MLS really cared about this competition, they’d put a carrot out there earlier in the season for teams to know that if they do X, they’ll get some international competition next season.


3 responses to “An early prediction

  1. Last season, it was the MLS Cup winners and runners up, and presumably is the same this season. Although, I thought I heard possibly the supporters’ shield winners (San Jose) would go instead of the runners up. Either way, it doesn’t really matter.

  2. That’s my point…a couple of years ago it was the MLS Cup winners and the Open Cup winners. They don’t have anything set on who goes…they decide once the season is over. Placing that carrot in front of teams if they do “X” will only give additional incentive to perform.

  3. That is when MLS was allocated 4 spots for the CCC. MLS Cup, MLS Cup Runner Up, Us Open Cup and Shield Supporters all recieved a bid. Concacaf dropped it back down to two when the those CCC competitions turned in all Mexican finals. I agree that the MLS Cup winners and Shield Supporters should be the representatives.

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