Grahame Jones is in great form today

I’m usually a big critic of Grahame Jones’ rehash of wire reports style of writing, but I’ve been finding myself agreeing with him more lately. Have I become bitter a jaded? Maybe.

He may be a bit harsh today, but for the most part, he’s got some very valid points today.

His basic points are, the playoffs are a joke, they are poorly attended, they produce negative footie and there’s no real advantage for teams who did well in the regular season.

How can you fault that?

Oh and he has some words of advice for Adu, Ruiz and Guevara and their antics…not that we’ll be seeing them in MLS much longer.

Anyway, the season does seem to be finishing with a fizzle rather than a bang. Maybe they’ll finish PHP in time for the final next month.


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