No Se Puede

The first time I heard the phrase “Si Se Puede” was while on vacation in Mexico during the 2002 World Cup Qualifiers. It was on an ad playing all the time right before the US headed to Mexico (watching that game in a bar only a few feet from a beach in Mexico was pretty sweet…of course, I was the only Gringo watching) Anyway, the “Si Se Puede” phrase now takes on a whole new meaning. I’m not sure it’s as accurate a title as they intended. I wonder if the movie will get ratings as poor as the performance and attendance at Chivas games in LA?


One response to “No Se Puede

  1. I used to be an organizer with the Service Employees Intl Union. In some sectors, the workers were predominately latino, and the chant was ‘si se puede’.

    On a seperate campaign, latino and polish workers were preparing to strike, and the chant went the same in two languages: ‘si se pude, tack mo jzeme’ (I’m phonetically spelling it out, but you get the idea).

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