Another pointless HT

Honestly, I don’t know why they bother with a HT show at the MLS Cup final. I mean, who the f**k are Click Five? I guess they are looking at selling a few more tickets to the Soccer Mom crowd by having them play. But seriously, will anyone bother to watch?


3 responses to “Another pointless HT

  1. Seconded. I was looking for a DCU angle but couldn’t find it. But yeah, Switchfoot, and now these guys.

  2. they should just play gerry rafferty’s “baker street” over the tannoy at the half.

  3. Last year’s performance by Swithfoot was emabarrasing. The band was OK, but they were surrounded by a bunch of girls flacking for Radio Shack, and with their red log and flags the whole event ended up looking like one of those North Korean patriotic festivals.

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