Boy is this Crow Sandwich good!

I’ve been negative about Sampson from the moment he was hired as Galaxy coach…I’ve been disappointed by the performance of Pando Ramirez all season…but this sandwich sure tastes damn good and I don’t mind being wrong right now.  Sampson brought LA the double and Pando scored the goal that clinched it.

C’mon, no one thought it possible.  I mean, LA had the ninth best record in the league this season and only made the playoffs because the Western Conference had two expansion teams.  However, all that is thrown out the window because LA was able to do the business on the day.

And boy did they do the business.  Yeah, the game went to overtime.  But, LA did control the midfield for the majority of the match.  The maintained the majority of possession and created the better scoring opportunities.  Nicol (and Mariner—they do seem to coach as a team) made a number of changes but Sampson was able to counter then.  It was a great chess match.  I was on the edge of my seat for most of the 120 minutes.  What is it with Guatemalan goal scorers in overtime in finals against the Revs?

The only downer was that LA keep going to overtime when they win the Cup and ABC have to switch to some other programming before we are able to see the boys lift the trophy.  But I’ll get over it—I’m sure there will be a DVD released sometime in the next few months that will allow me to see that.

I’m going to continue to enjoy this Crow Sandwich for at least a couple of months until LA start their Champions Cup campaign.  Tuesday is my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better present.


3 responses to “Boy is this Crow Sandwich good!

  1. Viva la Galaxy!!!!

  2. Congrats to the Galaxy. I have thought they were most talented team in MLS all along and they are worthy champions.

  3. I, too, am eating some crow pie. For most of the season, I had Dallas pegged as the Cup winner, earlier this week I had the Revs pegged as the winner, and I wasn’t thrilled about Sampson taking over the Galaxy. That said, it was a good match and I do enjoy the unpreditability in MLS.

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