Shoveling Something

This sure has been a busy winter.  Remember back in 96-97?  I do.  MLS seemed to just shut down.  Back then my only source of information was the LA Times and Soccer America.  Boy have things changed!  I’m not sure if it’s the league maturing or the internet and satellite TV, but the coverage and the news of all the action off the field hasn’t slowed down since LA completed the double.  I’m not complaining.  Too bad I spent most of my time since November moving away from the mountains (a month in a hotel with my wife and baby, and another month or so remodeling our new house).  But now I’m set and back online…fairly regularly.  So I’m back rambling again.

So, where do I start with all the changes?  Here are some comments about things that have happened while I’ve been away.  I’m sure I’ll be back for more later:

  • San Jose moving to Houston was bad…but giving the team a name which would alienate a large portion of their potential fans was even worse.   If/When AEG ever does sell the team, expect a new name.
  • Anti Razov moving back to LA…this time with Chivas.  Do any other LA fans remember why he was hated so much a few years ago (here’s a hint, Open Cup game in Fullerton)
  • The National Team seems to be taking shape…well MLS players have been fighting for spots.  I’m still disappointed they took their foot off the gas against Japan on Friday.  It could have been a great result rather than just a nice win.  Are Adu’s hopes of spending the summer in Germany now dashed?
  • Speaking of Freddy, I have to laugh at the way all the hype is going around about a move to England (Chelsea this time).  He’ll end up there eventually, but for now, he’s still better off (in my opinion) staying in DC a little longer and playing regularly.  Besides, if he’s worth 9 million now, just think what he’ll be worth in a couple years with a good bidding war.  I’m sure it’ll be enough to keep the league afloat for a few more years.
  • The MLS SuperDraft is nice and all, but I’m glad there was only an hour of coverage.  I really could have wasted a lot more time watching it if more were aired.  Seriously, how many of those first round players will see regular first-team action in the next 3 years?  Discovery Players like Herculez Gomez will probably be more productive over the long haul.
  • Does anyone else find it amusing that Gol TV’s “American Soccer” show spend so much time covering Miami FC?  Yeah, the team seem to be setting things up the right way, but how much more airtime can the show fill just talking about one local, minor league team?
  • After all the posturing last season, Fish and Guevara will be back next year.  There was a lot of talk about how unhappy they were in MLS last season…but I guess money talks louder.
  • So, things serous footie starts for MLS teams next week when LA and NE start in the Champions Cup.  Anyone know if FSC will be showing the games again this year?
  • On the other side of the Atlantic, Chelsea are making things boring again, but the race for 2nd is interesting.  Ipswich seem to have hit their stride (enjoyed watching them stuff Naaarich last week) but it’s all probably too little too late.

Ok, more thoughts, opinions and general rambling later.  I’ve got snow to shovel.  Damn I miss LA.


One response to “Shoveling Something

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