Ya think someone is listening to me?

I don’t understand many things about MLS.  Silly rules that often don’t seem right.  I’ve always wondered why home teams always have a bench full of players and the visitors only get a couple.  I’m sure travel costs had something to do with it, but why penalize the visiting team?  Until the 80’s (or was it the late 70’s?) teams only got one substitute.  Having multiple replacements is still relatively new.  It always seemed to me that if the need to keep down travel costs meant traveling teams had only a few subs, why not limit the home team as well?  I guess it was an added home field advantage.

Whatever the reason, this oddity no longer exists.  Starting this season, both teams will be able to name 7 subs (of course, they can still only use 3)

And just to really throw me for a loop, the same article announces some other changes that actually make since…

  • No more silly points after each yellow card.  You get 5 yellows and you miss a match.
  • The MLS Cup winner and the Supporters Shield winner go to the Champions Cup.  No more waiting until after everything is decided.

Wow, I’ve been saying that’s the way things should be for years (especially on who goes to the Champs Cup).  I wonder if my opinion had anything to do with the changes.  Or was it that they just made since.  Either way, more steps in the right direction for the league.

Only 6 weeks until opening day.  Five days until LA play in the Champs Cup.  My Tivo is already set for this match…well, the match does kick off kinda late for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone.


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