Is it cold enough?

In know the Snow Games are in Italy right now, but yesterday Guatemala sent their Diving Team to Texas to face the US even though China is still 2 years off.   It really was bad.  You could tell the Guatemalans would have preferred to be elsewhere…anywhere else but on that pitch in the cold.  It seemed like by the second goal they just wanted to get the 90 minutes over with, go in, and get some Hot Chocolate.

Anyway, here are some thoughts I had while watching the match:

  • Is it just me or does the new home (blue) jersey look like a re-release of a jersey from 10 years ago?
  • Olson’s goal….WOW!!
  • Three “LA Old Boys” playing for Guatemala.
  • Every 5 minutes or so you see Sweden 2-1 USA (Olympic Hockey) scroll across the screen.  Why do I find this amusing?  For starters, how many practices did the US team have before their first match?  Something tells me they aren’t taking this competition seriously and the results show it.  I wonder if the Baseball World Series…errr Classic, will produce similar results for the US…if players ever decide what team they want to be on.
  • Nice to see Brad Guzan get a cap.  How ‘bout going from bench warmer on a team he wasn’t wanted on to getting your first cap in 12 months.  Even though I’m supposed to hate his club team, I like the guy, the way he’s played this year and his attitude doing things.  He won’t get another cap for a while, but yesterday was a good reward for a good season.
  • Then again, there’s Pando who couldn’t get a starting gig in LA but is a regular starter for Guatemala.  This may just show how far MLS has come.
  • Eddie Johnson is heading to KC.  Well, the Wiz just got better.
  • Brian Ching, what a well-taken goal!  The guy worked hard yesterday but just didn’t make much of an impression.
  • Is Dave O’Brian related to John?  Yet another American commentator who needs to learn to shut up occasionally.
  • Ok, so this has been bothering me during all the recent friendlies.  That new Nike ball…or at least the colors on it seem to make the ball look lopsided as it spins.  Is it just my poor vision?  It really does get distracting.
  • 14k plus at PHP yesterday and it seemed like most were there to support the US.  That has to be a first against a neighbor to the south in a border state.
  • Only on the pitch a minute and we see the old Eddie Johnson.  He must prefer blue to the red and white hoops at PHP.  Good to see him back on form.

Ok, so it wasn’t a great test.  The Guatemalan backline was a shambles and the midfield…was there one?  All their strikers seemed to do was stand in an offside position all afternoon.  Eddie Pope had no problem sorting them out.

Is Arena going to use an all Europe based squad for the next couple of matches?  We’ll see.


5 responses to “Is it cold enough?

  1. Hey I think that Sweden result was women’s hockey.

  2. I totally agree with you on the entire Nike ball issue. It’s awful.

  3. Actually, that was the men’s result–I caught the end of the game in my hotel room in London. The US team is, sadly, playing up to the level that was expected of them going into it. The defense is old and slow, and the goaltending is much too green. It’s not a case of not taking it seriously, it’s a matter of the talent not being available–most of the 2002 squad is either retired or over the hill anyway.

    The women’s semifinal penalty shootout loss against Sweden was definitely disappointing, breaking up the expected USA v Canada final.

    Sure, PZ, I go to England, and you suddenly start posting. What gives, eh? 😉 But, I imagine this picture of me will amuse you in some way:

    That ball is awful, I agree. Meh.

  4. It could have been the women’s game for all I know. I really haven’t followed the Olympics much…too busy with work, new house and baby…only have just enough time to watch some footie. Priorities firmly in place. 🙂

    KJ, say it ain’t so. Visiting Carrot Road and hanging with the inbreeds is a sad thing. You’d have had a much better time (and seen a better stadium/team) had you gone to Portman Road. Hope you can wash off the smell from Naarich. 😉

  5. Hockey’s my first love, though I’ve been enjoying a lovely affair with soccer for a while now. But, I spent the first ten days of the Olympics in England, so I didn’t really follow it that closely, but I did catch some of the coverage on BBC. I swear Bill Clement was doing commentary on their hockey coverage, though it seemed awfully toned-down for him.

    I saw Portaloo Road briefly from the train on the way to Norwich. Surprisingly modern-looking stadium from the outside, I must say. 😉 It is amusing (to me–I’m easily amused) that we both support a yellow team and a blue team on either side of the pond, just reversed.

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