R.I.P Doug Hamilton

Some things are more important that soccer.  I know I’ve been a huge critic of Galaxy GM, Doug Hamilton the last few years.  I still believe he missed the point on so many things related to developing a solid fan base.  However, news of his sudden death has me in shock.  I would never wish anything like this on anyone.  Despite my opinion of him, he did many great things for the Galaxy and was a major part in making them the club they are today.  He wasn’t very old.  I know he leaves behind a young family—I’ve seen him with his son on several occasions.  My condolences go to him and his family.  RIP Doug.

This news really puts Wednesday night’s match in perspective.  Yeah, it was heartbreaking watching LA go out that way when they were 2-0 up at the half.  I thought it was a great effort from the boys.  Their legs just weren’t there.  Saprissa are no slouch either.  There’s a reason they are always one of the best teams in the region.  To have them against the ropes while still in preseason though shows how good LA can be.  Heck, the Revs did a solid job as well and didn’t lose until very late.

I really wish there were eight more teams in this stage of the Champions Cup.  This would allow (MLS) teams in preseason more of a chance to in better “match shape”.  But until the money is there, we probably won’t see that.  On to the regular season.


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