Not just names…but colors too.

So, the other day I had a beef with all the name changes going on…well, today I’m gonna take things one step further.  At some point in the last 10 years (well, maybe 8 as I didn’t really mess with the internet much until ’98) I got on the MLSnet mailing list.  No biggie really.  I actually skim through them.  However, in the email I got today it advertised getting the new NYRB jersey.  WooHoo!! I get to see the new one already (I think to myself), but no.  We still only get a badge.  I hope that Adidas do a bit of a better job getting new replica shirts out than Nike.  Anyone remember how Nike was unable to provide Fire fans with jerseys to buy in ’98 cuz no one liked the name Nike wanted for the team?

Anyway, so I go browsing and find that 2 out of the 12 teams that will be taking the field in 2 weeks don’t have jerseys for sale.  In fact, I’ve never seen what either team will be wearing this season (though I’m sure someone reading this will inform me).

My point is, with all this name changing/rebranding, fans don’t have as much as they could go get themselves ready for the new season.  It’s bad enough new shirts aren’t available to buy until the season is about to start (I still think smart business people would make sure they are ready by Christmas…but what do I know?) but it looks like fans in Houston and NY (or is it NJ?) won’t be able to show their team colors until sometime later.

But there’s great business people in MLS HQ calling the shots…what do I know?


2 responses to “Not just names…but colors too.

  1. Everybody with a soccer blog should get a front office job.

    No, really . . . we should.

  2. Yeah, so then we’d understand the reasons why they make the decisions they do. 😉

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