The final warm-ups

So, Bruce and the boys will take a some small fish just before heading to Germany.  I think the match-ups and the schedule for this.  It (kinda) mirrors the schedule (short time frame/travel etc.) that they’ll be doing once they get to Germany.

On top of that, it’ll give the team a chance to really work with each other against decent (yeah, not great, but still decent) teams.

But the best bit, there’s a good chance I’ll be in Cleveland for the match against Venezuela.  Yeah, there I go again only thinking about myself.


4 responses to “The final warm-ups

  1. Go USA!
    I hope they do well this Wednesday.

  2. ouch! the US looked suspect on set pieces in the first half, so the first goal did not surprise me. although, ching should have got that one, he left keller helpless. after that, i thought berhalter had a poor match, the germans kept running down that right side. was berhalter the left full back or the left-side center back? he seemed to be playing in between the two. on the second goal, he left neuville and went over to help jimmy conrad but did not get there in time which enabled the german to head to neuville, who shot a cracker. the third, he was given a poor ball passed back to him but then generously gave the ball to the german who did a one-two with his compatriot to go right around him. poor defending on ballack on the final goal. but it was good to see our hometown lad from Temple City, Jimmy Conrad, out there. Not a great game for him but he did have some good stops, at least one good run going forward, and if i am not mistaken ballack was swapping shirts with him after the match.

  3. Yo PZ. meet me in Cleveland. We’ll road trip to Conn for the 2nd that weekend. It’s Memorial Day though… will Sacca let you loose?


  4. Would love to Ben…but I don’t see it happening. 😦

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