6 days and counting…

It’s hard to believe that winter is almost over and MLS season is less than a week away…it’s cold here in Northern Indiana!!!  Yeah, I’m still missing LA.

Anyway, it seems Germany throttled the US the other day.  That’s what the score said.  Personally, I’m not too concerned.  I thought the final score flattered the Krouts a bit.  Sure, the US didn’t deserve a victory but it is still Spring Training.  Even the Yankee’s (MLB) lose a few this time of year.

Speaking of baseball, I had to laugh when I read that MLB owners didn’t like the World Baseball Classic cuz it was taking players away from their teams to play meaningless games and potentially running the risk of injuring the players.  Have they been talking to certain Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea (enter several other names here) bosses?

I’ve been saying for some time that MLS teams should do more to encourage fans who want to travel to road games.  After all, a section of traveling fans at game will only add to the atmosphere at stadiums built for NFL teams.  People who make time in their schedule to spend an entire day just to watch 2 hours of footie have to be the type of people the league wants to attract.  On the East Coast, there are several teams close enough to make regular bus trips possible. Of course, people willing to spend the time in a bus will probably fork out a couple bucks to do so…but NY is willing to offer it as a freebie.  Nice.  Line up a corporate sponsor (ok, team owner) to pay for the marketing stint and suddenly get more people at games.  Create more atmosphere and have more people spending money on concessions–$5+ a beer sure helps the balance sheet.  Where’s the problem?  Well, Mr. Dyer over on MatchNight doesn’t think so.  I’ve a feeling that more teams will look into things like this.  I guess it’s easier to swallow when you’re on the outside looking in.

I caught some of the Alajuelense-America match the other night.  Sure, the Champions Cup has problems and will continue to do so for a while.  But it was a good match–even with the America Reserves starting–and a great crowd.  Hey, the Mexican league is the strongest (financially) league outside of Europe.  They easily have the most money to spend on talent in the region so yeah; they are going to dominate the competition.  However, just like in the Open Cup, it’s possible for teams to slip up.  Wasn’t it two Costa Rican teams in the final last year?  Give it time—and hopefully more money in MLS—and we’ll be seeing more games like that.

So, this (rumored) new team in the Philly area looks like it’s going to be owned by the guy who was looking at buying KC last summer.  Can’t say that’s a surprise.  Heck, it may actually happen.  It’s great to see more money coming into the league for new sources.  Oh, and more fans for Red Bull to drive to Rotes Bulle Stadion (I think I got my German right).

Hey, Reading won the Championship.  I would not have mentioned it if Ipswich weren’t playing such crap right now…but congrats to them…oh and now it looks like two more Yanks will be on teams at the top level.


4 responses to “6 days and counting…

  1. Kelly Presnell

    Not quite. Reading sealed promotion – the Championship is still technically up for grabs, second place Sheffield United is still within mathmatical reach of the top spot.

  2. You are correct. That’s actually what I meant to say. However, ask any fan of a Championship club and they’ll tell you they don’t care about the title, it’s promotion they are after. I was at Wembley 6 years ago when Town were promoted and it felt like they’d won they title and more…but it was just a piece of silverware showing that they beat out the 4th, 5th, and 6th best sides for the last spot.

    Anyway, congrats to Coppel and the boys.

  3. the runners-up have almost become the forgotten teams. the champions are rightly crown and the play-off winners have a wembley/cardiff televised date with a trophy and celebration banner and stand.

  4. what do you make of the galaxy and other AEGers being used as a chelski farm system?

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