A few more last-minute thoughts

I’ve managed to find some more time to write today so here are some more thoughts from me.

Is anyone else watching what is going on in Miami? From everything I’ve read they seem to me to be building things the right way. I’m not sure about signing Romario—he is a bit old—but he’ll sell a few tickets. They should be worth watching. Let’s see how the team jells. A few wins this season won’t hurt either.

Don Garber spoke with LA Times hack, Grahame Jones the other day and painted a rosy picture of everything MLS style. It looks like Toronto is a go and St. Louis and Philly may be close behind. Also, possible news about a return to the Bay Area by the end of April—makes the move to Houston even more of a head-scratchier…especially when you look at how ticket sales are going for 186…errr Dynamite—has to be a good sign. 16 teams would certainly improve the league. However, the best part, in my opinion, is the fact that AEG (and Hunt, sorta) are selling off teams. Heck, if Red Bull can be bought for $100 million (total amount of sale with stadium etc.) then there must be some value to MLS teams…someone is making money. Of course Garber when on about new stadiums. After all, making the investments is creating new revenue for the league owners so teams like LA can announce they are making money…very attractive when trying to bring new investors on board. It’s working so I can’t really knock it.

Every other blogger is making preseason predictions. I’m not sure that’s really needed with MLS. The league wants a level field, restricting squad sizes and having a salary cap makes having one team a lot better than another difficult. On any day, results can go either way. This is especially true with 40 games being played while

Anyway, 2 hours until the first game, better warm up by watching some EPL or something. Ok, maybe I am excited about the new season. If only they would make the regular season games more meaningful.


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