The Final Countdown

It’s darn early (PZ Jr. decided he wanted a bottle and went back to sleep) on opening day. As excited as I am about the start of MLS season, I’m not as excited as I should be. For one thing, all this “Soccer Saturday” stuff is no more. Half the matches this weekend are on Sunday. I guess that’s what happens when more money is invested in the league and, well I’m guessing stadium availability has something to do with it also, but out side of LA, I’m not sure I understand the problem.

Then there’s the lack of identity of a third of the teams. Last season we had two expansion teams (RSL and Chivas) and this year we have Houston and NY–yeah, just rebranding but the names sure look funny.

I guess what really has me lacking excitement is the fact that the team (my team) who won the MLS Cup only had to manage a .500 record during the regular season. In fact, the team they knocked out of the playoffs in the Conference Final also had a .500 record. What’s the point? We have the Cup, which is intended to create upsets, but does the league brass really want upsets like those that they got in the playoffs last season? If nothing else, they make the regular season meaningless.

I guess there are some things to look forward to. Red Bull seem to be shaking things up a bit and actually doing the things many have said should have been done some time ago. Those bus trips have to be worth the ticket price (oh yeah, they’re free). Get people into the stadium. Isn’t that rule one.

Did I sign up for Direct Kick this year? Better check.

Anyway, 6.5 hours until Dallas and Chicago kick off….then it’s a wait until LA play NE. Time to get things done before Kickoff.

Oh yeah, and don’t choke Ipswich, we’re out of the playoffs but we still need to finish ahead of the Budgies. As one season finishes…another starts. OK, maybe things aren’t all bad.


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