Spring has sprung

It was at some point during the NY/Revs match last week that it dawned on me. Pro footie in this country is here to stay. I realize it’s still early season and attendance numbers have been good cuz of extra incentives to fans. But what I realized is that the games I’ve seen the first 2 weeks of the season have been great. Those in the stands have understood what was going on and reacted accordingly and honestly, I’ve enjoyed the entertainment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things which can still use some improvement like playing regular season matches during the World Cup…but even Mexico has it worse there.

Either way, we are getting close to the point were I’m staring to feel comfortable with the believe that the league will be around for my son to watch when he’s an adult.

Heck, it’s a beautiful spring day here…I’m not even in the mood to complain about the Galaxy being in mid-season underachiving form, or how Ipswich seem to have given up on this season or even that you would think guys fighting for one of the last few spots on Arena’s squad this summer would be able to try something different than trying to outpace Jamaica’s fast outside backs.

I’m just looking forward to watching a couple of matches tonight. Heck, it doesn’t even bother me that Chivas will probably win. They’ve certainly started the season better.

Oh, and how ’bout ManU’s choke job yesterday. Talk about rolling over and handing the best team money can buy the title.

Nah, I’ll just grab a beverage and enjoy what MLS has to offer…anyone think all this stuff about Beckham et al moving here will make it even better?


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