Can’t they take a joke?

So, MLS might have a problem with Alecko’s celebration the other day. Big whoopy! Sorry, but if they do fine/suspend him, we are looking at more contradictions coming from the league offices. Personally, I thought it was genius.

Look, I understand how important sponsorships are to the survival of the league. Without the money they invest MLS would have gone the way of the NASL some time ago. However, Don Garber and the other speaking heads at MLS HQ often talk about the passion they want from MLS fans. Wouldn’t two teams as close as NY and DC have a strong rivalry?

I’ve been an Ipswich fan as long as I can remember. Sponsors of Norwich are disliked as much as the team by Ipswich fans. When I go to an English Pub for a meal, as much as I like spicy mustard, if there’s a jar of Coleman’s on the table, I quickly remove it. My mom got a Delia Smith cookbook one year as a present. I refused to eat anything she made from that cookbook. You won’t find me buying a Lotus ever (beyond the fact that I’ll never be able to afford one) as they are a Norfolk based company who sponsor the Budgies.

So why would a DC player or fan support the company that own their rivals? It’s about the passion of the sport. Any penalties Alecko receives from his celebration are wrong and I hope he continues his original celebrations.

I’ve actually grown to enjoy Waldo’s (that’s Eric Wynalda) comments. He used to bother me with his consistent whining–well, he did play for the Smurfs. But he does have his own ideas on how things should be in MLS and some are actually on what I consider to be the right path. However, I think he’s off base with his recent comments about Alexi Lalas.

Yeah, maybe I’m homering for my team’s new GM here. But why should Alexi tell Waldo everything going on behind the scenes until they are finalized? C’mon, this is still a business. You tell someone who has a microphone things which may or may not happen and Mr. Mic potentially blabs it to the world causing negotiations to collapse. Yeah, that’s a smart business move. Quit playing the victim Waldo.

If you really want to do a service to the soccer fans in this country, find a ghost writer and give us a book which details what happened with the US team in ’98. I know I’d be at Barnes and Noble picking it up the day it was released.


3 responses to “Can’t they take a joke?

  1. I am a DC United supporter and ever since the rebranding of the Metroscum, I have refused to drink Red Bull. I saw a guy asking the RFK concession staff why they were selling it at the home opener.

  2. I thought it was funny. For a league that talks about needing more passion for the games, they seem to balk whenever anyone actually shows some.

    Good thing I don’t have to worry about supporting Powergen over here. 😉

  3. no bad publicity, der Austrian will be made up with this.

    stupid celebration though, reeks of NFL choreography.

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