Just a few thoughts for now

SO, while we were all focused on the events in Germany, MLS decided to keep playing…who knew??!! Actually, I knew. But let’s face it, who has that much time? 4 years ago I gave up sleep to watch all the World Cup matches and all the Galaxy matches. This time around, well I watched some of the Galaxy matches but really, I didn’t pay much attention. Besides, even though the results are going better, the team still lacks creativity. There’s no one in the middle of the park who can switch things up. You’d think once they tried the same thing over and over for the first 60 minutes without success, they’d try something different…but they don’t. Am I the only LA fan who still misses Cienfuegos?

Hey, Chivas lost to an amateur team!!! Roma FC of Dallas (ok, this using Euro names is really starting to get silly) are a USASA. Not even PDL but USASA. OK, so it went to penalties and Ratface (sorry, Razov…nope, still don’t care for the jerk) got sent off. Why the heck isn’t this stuff played up more? I’m guessing fear of making the product (MLS) seem poor. Yet the media love the Cinderella stories during March Madness. Someone hasta have an answer here.

St Louis is finally a serious candidate for an expansion team…or even a relocated RSL side. I’ve been watching the World Cup so this story has kinda blindsided me. First, I was under the impression that RSL were pretty stable and local communities were falling all over themselves to have a stadium in their backyard. I’m sure they were as long as money was coming from somewhere else. Now, help me out here with RSL. Some guy who used to be GM for an NBA team bought an expansion MLS team. The team seemed to be doing very well. The local media loves the team—not too common for a team in this league. And there seemed to be no stopping a new stadium. Oops. Guess the stadium talk was a bit premature. Chances are it’s all just positioning to make something happen…but Real Saint Louis sounds about as silly as Real Salt Lake. This Euro naming has gone too far…but I’ll save that for another day.

Speaking of moving. Things are starting to look up for the Smurf…sorry Quake fans. LA-SJ will still be a better rivalry than the LA Derby because it’s got history. Not sure how it’ll translate with an entirely new cast of players and the loss of at least a season. But the fans still hate each other. That’s got to count for something.

So, Bruce Arena is not in charge at Red Bull. Call me when they have a decent team.

So, prior to the season, I had a post about LA’s Curse of the # 9 Shirt. Well, guess what. Memo is now gone as well. Frank Yallop has already managed to free up $100k in wasted salary. He’s already out performing Steve Sampson.

Yallop has made a couple other moves that I’m not so sure about. Particularly Saragosa’s move to Dallas. But I’ll give Frank the benefit of doubt here for now. Let’s see who he brings in. Probably a bunch of U-21 Canadians.

Let me see now. Drop Landon back to the midfield and have Herc play along side…Borgetti? I actually like that idea.


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